Moving everything to Github

I recently decided to move all my source code to Github.

First I don’t want to work with Mercurial anymore. It’s not that I think Mercurial does not work. I simply want to start using Git as my version control system. I think most of the projects I work with are using Git. Therefore I want to improve my skills using Git.

Converting from Mercurial to Git

The first step was to convert my repositories from Mercurial to Git. I didn’t want to lose the file histories. I was lucky enough to find a solution which helped me to do it in an easy and comfortable way.

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NDC Oslo 2014 – Just another watchlist

I did not attend the NDC (New Developers Conference) in Oslo 2014. Because I don’t want to miss the best sessions from this year’s conference I decided to create a watchlist. This is a completely subjective watchlist narrowed down to what’s interesting for me today.

NDC Oslo 2014

I’m pretty sure there are interesting sessions for nearly every single developer. Therefore I want to mention that all of the 158 sessions recorded can be watched completely free of charge.

The following list links to fifteen sessions which attracted me the most.

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Creating a ReSharper Code Template

ReSharper from JetBrains is a great tool when it comes to productivity optimization developing software in C#. Although I use it daily I haven’t thought about customizing it in anyway. Now the time has come to further extend the usage of ReSharper creating a ReSharper template.


If you haven’t tested ReSharper yet I highly recommend trying the trial version. I am pretty sure once you know how to use it, you won’t want to miss it anymore.

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Getting started with Git

In this post I am going to explain how I learnt to work with Git as a distributed version control system. My intention to do so is to be able to contribute to open source projects hosted on GitHub and to be able to work with a source control when I am not connected to any network.

Git Logo

There ary many great tutorials and guides on the web that explain in detail how Git works and what we can do with it. I am not going to compete against these great resouces in this post. This post explains my personal experiences I had during the process of learning Git. In addition there could be some tips especially for those who have deep knowledge using Subversion and start know learning about Git.

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Painless Office Interop using Visual C#

I am going to explain how I managed to implement Microsoft Office Interop support for multiple Microsoft Office versions using C#.

Microsoft Office Logo


Our solution should meet the following requirements:

  • support for different Microsoft Office versions
  • no Microsoft.Interop.dll deployment
  • dispose of all (unmanaged) resources
  • no use of dynamic keyword
  • no direct COM calls

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