How To Fix Common Errors Using ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to dive deep into ASP.NET web development. I have watched several video tutorials including Introduction to ASP.NET MVC by Christopher Harrison and Jon Galloway and Implementing Entity Framework with MVC.

One thing that I really like about ASP.NET so far is that,the Visual Studio is able to generate code for me which I would have to write repeatedly by myself. A feature called Scaffolding creates a Controller and several Views on basis of a model.

How does this feature work and how can we tell Visual Studio to generate the desired code for us? I’m going to tell you about it in this post.

Furthermore, i have come across some common errors that stopped me from generating the desired code. I also want to help anyone struggling with this feature to be successful.

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Giving ASP.NET A Second Chance

During my work for my employer, most of the time I work on desktop applications implemented in WPF and C#.NET. I really like the xaml technology stack, because I am used to it and I think it provides a simple and extensible way to implemented user interfaces. It also separates the logic (ViewModels and Services) from the user interface code (Xaml) without much effort in a natural way.

Past experience with web development

Before I started working for my current employer, I was very addicted to web development. I created applications using PHP as a backend and HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the frontend. Yes, it was the time before jQuery, but hey, Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0 were already there. So I had a lot of fun with browser hacks trying to get everything work on the different browsers.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Existing Android Application

Four years ago, I wanted to get started with mobile development. Because I am an Android user, I decided that I wanted to create a native Android app. The main purpose of that application creation was to learn how to develop Android applications and to learn about the mobile world in general with its pros and cons compared to classic desktop development.

Four years later, I have an Android app which was originally developed for Android 2.2. This application does not really run well on current devices. In fact, there are some really bad things happening to my application since I first launched it.

There are 10 reasons in this list why you should upgrade your existing Android application to Android 5.0 and what your resulting benefits are.App

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Why Marketing Yourself Is Important

So far, I have read many technical books. Some of them really helped me to deal with situations I faced during my job as a software developer. Others helped me to develop my personality and taught me how I should think about life as a software developer.

Since I started my part-time studies in Computer Science back in 2013, I began thinking about my career from a new point of view. I always wanted to improve all my technical skills as wide as possible. It was difficult to become successful in one thing because I knew as soon as I had a particular understanding of a certain topic, I wanted to move on and learn something new.

Why Marketing Yourself Is Important Cover

John Sonmez‘ book titled Why Marketing Yourself Is Important was a good read. It was not about software development but about software developers and their careers. To be honest, it is as the title promises about marketing yourself as a software developer.

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Moving everything to Github

I recently decided to move all my source code to Github.

First, I don’t want to work with Mercurial anymore. It’s not that I think Mercurial does not work, but I simply want to start using Git as my version control system. I think most of the projects I work with are using Git. I want therefore to improve my skills using Git.

Converting from Mercurial to Git

The first step was to convert my repositories from Mercurial to Git. I didn’t want to lose file histories. I was lucky enough to find a solution which helped me to do it in an easy and comfortable way.

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NDC Oslo 2014 – Just another watchlist

I did not attend the NDC (New Developers Conference) in Oslo 2014. I decided to create a watchlist because I didn’t want to miss the best sessions from this year’s conference. This is a completely subjective watchlist narrowed down to what’s interesting for me today.

NDC Oslo 2014

I’m pretty sure there are interesting sessions for nearly every single developer. I therefore want to mention that all the 158 sessions recorded can be watched completely free of charge.

The following list links to fifteen sessions which attracted me the most.

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