I did not attend the NDC (New Developers Conference) in Oslo 2014. I decided to create a watchlist because I didn’t want to miss the best sessions from this year’s conference. This is a completely subjective watchlist narrowed down to what’s interesting for me today.

NDC Oslo 2014

I’m pretty sure there are interesting sessions for nearly every single developer. I, therefore, want to mention that all the 158 sessions recorded can be watched completely free of charge.

The following list links to fifteen sessions which attracted me the most.

Coding Techniques

ReactiveUI – Turning MVVM up to 11 (54min)
Taking Design Patterns to the Next Level (58min)
Designing Wonderful .NET APIs (62min)
Metamagical programming with expression trees (55min)

Legacy code

Strangling the Legacy out of an Application (58min)

Developer’s Life

Banish Your Inner Critic (52min)
Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers (62min)


Privacy for the Internet (63min)


Hybrid vs Native: Choosing a Mobile Strategy (46min)

Philosophy & information

10 Things I’ve Learned From Doing OSS (39min)
.NET Rocks Panel: Why Do You Develop Software? (47min)
Free is a Lie (53min)
Developing in a Decade (48min)
History of Programming: Part 1 (41min)


Discrete Math You Need to Know (58min)

Please help me and point me to your favorite sessions as well. It is very difficult to choose from 158 sessions. Thank you and have fun while watching these recordings.

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