Microsoft 70-483 exam preparation guide

Today I passed the MS 70-483 exam. In my opinion it’s now the right time to let you know how I prepared myself for that particular certification. It would be a pleasure for me to help you improve your knowledge and prepare you for the certification.
Because there are many ways to prepare, I’ll show you different kind of resources.

If you plan to take a certification exam, I’ll recommend you to have at least the following tools ready for use:

  • Windows 8 RTM
  • Visual Studio 2012 Express

You have to write code. There are some topics which are only available on .NET 4.5 platform which requires Visual Studio 2012.

Official preparation materials

All the listed preparation materials on the official certification page, in fact a single book, are not available up to now. The book Exam Ref 70-483: Programming In C# is planned to be released on 30 April 2013.

Alternative books

As an alternative for anyone who likes to read a complete book about the technology itself, there is another book recommended by the community called Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework.

Web based video training

On March 19, 2013 Jerry Nixon and Daren May released some videos in a series called Programming in C# Jump Start. You can find their videos on Channel 9.

Guide based on web research

If you already have a wide knowledge of C# and you just want to get fit for the certification, then you can follow the link list below. I tried to link any resources (mostly from msdn) I used to prepare myself for a successful certification with the skills measured from the official certification page.

I recommend that you at least have basic understanding of C# development. Because of that, I won’t show any links about the basics. You have to be familiar with the most common concepts of C# development otherwise you won’t be able to pass this certification. In addition, these are all links I have used to prepare myself. It is possible that I have a lot of experience in some but little in another topic.

Manage Program Flow

  • Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing.
  • Manage multithreading.
    • synchronize resources; implement locking; cancel a long-running task; implement thread-safe methods to handle race conditions
  • Implement program flow.
    • iterate across collection and array items; program decisions by using switch statements, if/then, and operators; evaluate expressions
  • Create and implement events and callbacks.
    • create event handlers; subscribe to and unsubscribe from events; use built-in delegate types to create events; create delegates; lambda expressions; anonymous methods
  • Implement exception handling.
    • handle exception types (SQL exceptions, network exceptions, communication exceptions, network timeout exceptions); catch typed vs. base exceptions; implement try-catch-finally blocks; throw exceptions; determine when to rethrow vs. throw; create custom exceptions

Create and Use Types

  • Create types.
  • Consume types.
    • box or unbox to convert between value types; cast types; convert types; handle dynamic types; ensure interoperability with unmanaged code, for example, dynamic keyword
  • Enforce encapsulation.
    • enforce encapsulation by using properties, by using accessors (public, private, protected), and by using explicit interface implementation
  • Create and implement a class hierarchy.
  • Find, execute, and create types at runtime by using reflection.
  • Manage the object life cycle.
    • manage unmanaged resources; implement IDisposable, including interaction with finalization; manage IDisposable by using the Using statement; manage finalization and garbage collection
  • Manipulate strings.

Debug Applications and Implement Security

  • Validate application input.
    • validate JSON data; data collection types; manage data integrity; evaluate a regular expression to validate the input format; use built-in functions to validate data type and content out of scope: writing regular expressions
  • Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
    • choose an appropriate encryption algorithm; manage and create certificates; implement key management; implement the System.Security namespace; hashing data; encrypt streams
  • Manage assemblies.
    • version assemblies; sign assemblies using strong names; implement side-by-side hosting; put an assembly in the global assembly cache; create a WinMD assembly
  • Debug an application.
    • create and manage compiler directives; choose an appropriate build type; manage programming database files and symbols
  • Implement diagnostics in an application.
    • implement logging and tracing; profiling applications; create and monitor performance counters; write to the event log

Implement Data Access

  • Perform I/O operations.
  • Consume data.
    • retrieve data from a database; update data in a database; consume JSON and XML data; retrieve data by using web services
  • Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ.
    • query data by using operators (projection, join, group, take, skip, aggregate); create method-based LINQ queries; query data by using query comprehension syntax; select data by using anonymous types; force execution of a query; read, filter, create, and modify data structures by using LINQ to XML
  • Serialize and deserialize data.
    • serialize and deserialize data by using binary serialization, custom serialization, XML Serializer, JSON Serializer, and Data Contract Serializer
  • Store data in and retrieve data from collections.
    • store and retrieve data by using dictionaries, arrays, lists, sets, and queues; choose a collection type; initialize a collection; add and remove items from a collection; use typed vs. non-typed collections; implement custom collections; implement collection interfaces

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a sufficient understanding of the different topics listed above. Otherwise, you will not be able to answer the questions on the exam. On the other hand you don’t need to be an expert in every topic.

If you passed your exam, you have the first third of the MCSD: Windows Store Apps using C# exam. Congratulations!

Claudio Bernasconi is a professional software developer, Microsoft certified technology specialist, blogger, technology enthusiast and founder of CarParking Schweiz. Since 2010 he works for KMS AG in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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  • Armin

    I’m interested about the TPL questions?

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Thanks Armin.
    I cannot give you much details about the questions itself since Microsoft does not allow that in their regulation. I can tell you that not all topics were fully covered during my 40 questions. The most topics were covered at least by one question, but I didn’t get any questions about TPL or Reflection. I believe that this is very individual.

  • Ria

    I would like to know if there is any website where I can get proper practice questions for the 70-483 certification. I am really worried as there is no proper study material or question as such. I know C# basics, how long do you think it would take for me to prepare for this exam?

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Bad news first. You won’t find real questions on this blog, because it’s forbidden. But on the other hand I can tell you that I prepared myself using the resources mentioned above. And as you can read I passed the first time. I had a score above 80%. So if you’re familiar with C# and have a few years of experience working with C# you should give it a try. Don’t worry about your first result. If you don’t pass, you’ll get a detailed report about your score in each subject.

    Good luck, tell me about your score.

  • Erik

    This is my first exam I am going to take and i am using the alternative book you mentioned plus I will look through the links you gave under each topic.
    My question is how are the test build up. Is it questions and you get alternatives or are you writing code.
    As I said, it is my first exam with Microsoft :)

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi Erik

    I hope you’ll pass the exam by preparing according to my links provided above. Microsoft has several different question forms. Most questions will be multiple-choice. Sometimes it’s stated how many options to choose, sometimes it’s not. Therefore you have many different possibilities and it’s hard to guess. You’ll have to know the answer.

    There are drag and drop questions in addition. In this type you have some pieces of code which should be mapped correctly to gaps in a code block.

    Take a look at this link to get more information directly from Microsoft:

    You won’t actually write any code in this exam.

    Let me know which results you achieve and good luck!

  • David

    I have a question regarding this exam…I’m not sure if you are allowed to answer but I’ll ask anyway. Are the questions very specific or does answering require just a broad general knowledge? (i.e. do we have to know specific methods in specific classes, and all the different types of overloaded methods etc. or do we just have to know general concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation etc.)

    Thanks for the awesome website by the way, it’ll really help me with studying for this.

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi David

    I think this question can be answered. You won’t be asked whether class x has a method called y, but it could be that there is a scenario which requires to choose the right one from a bunch of methods. If you have ever heard from a particular method or used it before, you’ll be able to choose the correct one.

    In general I would say that Microsoft is testing your knowledge and not your ability to keep names of specific methods in your mind.

    Nice to get some feedback. Hope you’ll master the exam in a few weeks. Please let me know your result and don’t hesitate to add me on Twitter.

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  • venkat ram

    I am planning on taking 70-483 this March.I recently completed my bachelor’s degree and I want to know whether I can pass this exam without any WORK experience(i.e do we have to be a pro?..).That said I have been learning and using C# for my little hobby projects.Thank you for your time and the post was very informative.

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi Venkat

    Well as I mentioned in an earlier reply to a question on this post, I suggest that you are familiar with the technologies and have a certain knowledge of many different topics listed in the original post. If you feel comfortable working with these topics, go for the certification. Otherwise start some training projects to improve your skills in a specific area. But keep in mind, you don’t need to be a pro. If this is your first certification, go for it. If you would fail, you’ll get a detailed report which gives you more information on which topics you have to improve your skills.

    Just for your information. There are a lot of different profiles out there. I have three years experience as a professional software developer on a full time basis, but I’ll start my Bachelor degree in Autumn this year. So you can have very different educational and professional background, but you all have the opportunity to pass this particular exam.

    • Venkat Ram

      Thank you very much for the reply. I will let you know my exam experience.

  • Krishna

    Hi Caludio,
    Can you please answer me the following questions?
    1. If I clear the 70-483 exam, will i get a certificate? Or else i need to clear the other 2 exams too to get the certificate?
    2. What is the duration of the exam? It shows 2 hr 45 mins while registering in prometric?
    3. How many number of questions we will encounter during the exam?
    4. What is the pass percentage?

    Thanks for your time and consideration!!

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi Krishna

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a few lines. Don’t hesitate to add me on Twitter.

    1. Yes, you’ll be able to download a certificate. Your title will be “Programming in C# Specialist”. But if you want to be certified in the newest technology and want to impress someone or just dig into the subjects related to Apps programming for Windows 8, I suggest to take the other two exams as well.
    2. It makes perfect sense to me if it’s listed on Prometrics. But don’t care much about the time. I was through the entire exam within approximately an hour.
    3. I think there were 42.
    4. If you have 700 out of 1000 points, you’ll be certified. This means, 70%.

    Hope to help you with these answers. Please let me know about your result!

    • Krishna

      Thanks Claudio. This information helped a lot. I will keep you posted about my results.


    • Susan Oliver

      I took the exam today. There are 40 questions. Unfortunately, I did not see this post first. I studied all the wrong things since the book is not out yet; I spent a lot of time studying Windows 8 App Store stuff, and there wasn’t a single question on any of that, although I suspect that there will in one of the two following tests, so it’s still worth knowing. Basic C# skills, which I already knew well, constituted only about 40% of the test; the rest had not occurred to me to study. I’m glad to have found this blog and will follow it to learn the parts that I don’t already know. Thanks Claudio.

  • Michael K

    Hi Claudio and Congrats !
    Because you are referring to the book Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework, but you don’t mention anywhere in your Blog about WPF, WCF, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, which is chapters 21 to 34 of the referring book. Has the exam questions about those matters?

    thanks in advance.

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi Michael

    As you can see there are many topics covered by the 70-483 certification. How ever there are no topics listed which relate to graphical user interface or any other technology such as WPF, WCF, ADO.NET, ASP.NET.

    But keep in mind that the next certifications (70-484 and 70-485) requiered to become MCSD (Microsoft certified solution developer) contain a lot of GUI specific topics like MVVM, XAML and so on.

    I just mentioned a book, if you prefer to use a book. I personally like to read through the Internet and therefore started writing this article.

    If you want to be certified in the technologies you listed, you should consider taking the 70-511, 70-513, 70-516 and 70-518 certifications.

    • Michael K

      Claudio thanks alot for your response at such short notice. It helps me to stay in the right context because the book is really interesting.

  • Perry Orr

    In the past I always performed better with a practice test engine. This will be my first attempt at a programming cert. Do you have any practive test recommendations?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Perry

      No, I don’t. Because they’re illegal and I don’t use them. If you prepare well enough, you won’t need them anyway.

  • Pramod

    I like to know follwing :
    from following certifications which is gud for mi, i know both C# and html so i am get confuse so plz suggest mi
    1) MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML5
    2) MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C#
    1) MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 contains
    i.Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 480
    ii.Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript 481
    iii.Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript 482
    2) MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C# contains
    i.Programming in C# 483
    ii.Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# 484
    iii.Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# 485

    and also like to know
    Is this Exams need to attend in sequence ?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      As their names say 70-480 – 70-482 are for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript developers whereas 70-483 – 70-485 are for C# and XAML developers.

      If you want to get the title as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) you need to pass all of them in their particular numerical order ascending from the lowest to the highest exam number.

      If you want to do only one certification, it is also okay. If you read my About page, you’ll see my titles and which certification I passed to get them.

  • Pramod

    I like to know
    1. when this exams ?
    2. what is exam pattern?
    3. where i get the study material?

    and one suggestion for mi
    1. How to decide which cerification is better for mi?
    2. i am new to appear for certification so how should i decide which certification i prefer

  • Niketa

    Hi Claudio,

    Congrats for passing the test on first attempt and goodluck for your bigrht future!
    I read through your blog and found very useful as it guides through the way to prepare for the exam 70-483. Appreciate your efforts!

    Along with the books and links you suggested I found this course available with microsoft online – Collection 10266: Programming in C# with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 with microsoft will help toward this exam 70-483?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Niketa

    One more thing i would like to add for all those who is planning to take this exam 70-483. I was browsing through the preparation guide and found that they recently have an introductory course video called Programming in C# Jump Start for each module that exam covers and is led by Jerry Nixon himself. Thought it might be useful and so shared it.


    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Niketa

      Thank you for your response to my blog post. I added a link to the Jump Start series in the initial post on top of this page. I hope you pass your certification on the first try.

      Please let me know about your result. I would be proud if my post would help you passing your exam in a more comfortable way.

      • Niketa

        Hi Claudio,

        I apologize i did not see the link earlier! Thanks for your reply and i update you when i take the exam.
        Can you please advise if along with the books and links you suggested I found this course available with microsoft online – Collection 10266: Programming in C# with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 with microsoft will help toward this exam 70-483? As I have taken C# course only during my masters in 2010 and since then i do not have any touch with C# and .Net so want to prepare well and so want to know if taking this course would help.

        Thanks in advance!

        • Claudio Bernasconi

          Hi Niketa

          I don’t know anything about Microsoft online courses. I’ve never taken any. So I might not be the right source of information for this time. But what I can tell you is, that you’ll need to be familiar with C# in order to pass the exam. You could either use such an online course or you could implement some code samples by your own. As I stated above it always depends on you and your style of learning.

          Hope you have a great time.

  • Niketa

    ThankYou Claudio for your response. It really helps.


  • Shadakshari

    Thank you Claudio, for this blog post.

  • nomesh gajare

    i have studied java to a very good extent for 8 months after my college and now 2 months earlier i got job in c# .net.
    so i am planning to get my self a 70-483 certification from Microsoft!

    can you please tell me how much time will it should ideally take to prepare for this exam! i have the good knowledge about OOPS as i have learnt java!

    and should it be okay if i study myself or is it necessary to join some training course

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Studying by yourself should be enough for your profile. But I think you should have some months or years of experience with C#. I would recommend to develop some solutions targeting the exam requirements. Then go for it. If you fail, you can try it a second time.

  • Sophia

    Hi Claudio,
    I am planning to take 70-483 exam in July. Can you tell me when should I be expecting results?Immediately or after few weeks?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      You’ll get your results directly from your Prometrics test center after finishing your exam. Keep in mind that there will be a period of two or three weeks within Microsoft is allowed to verify your result.

  • Steven

    Hi Claudio,

    Really nice blog, I’m hoping it will help me get my certification :-) I planned my exam at 6 june, so almost there..

    I’ve been developing for the last 8 years, but never got to certification, so I’m kinda nerveous though :-)

  • Raf

    Hello Claudio,

    Really helpfull blog. Not just for the links and info but also for the confidence booster..
    Only one thing about the skills measured bothers me. In the Validate application input part it states “validate JSON data”. Do they mean the JavaScriptSerializer ? The Mvc Controller.Json method ? Json.Net ? And what do they mean with “data integrity” & “built in fucntions to validate data type”. Is this about DataAnotations ?

    Anyhow I will be taking my exam on 6th of june. I’m developing about 7 years in .net but I must admit that I’ve only used about half of the topics listed, so a bit nervous :)

    @Steven : any chance your exam is in Kortrijk the 6th of june ?


    About everything I seem to understand what they mean…

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hello Raf

      Thank you for your feedback. Serialization is an important part and will be part of the exam. Therefore I believe that you are safe, if you know how to use the JavaScriptSerializer. But it won’t harm, if you know about the other things too.

      I cannot give you an answer to the other questions, since I really don’t know much more about them than you already wrote down.

      • Raf

        Thnx Claudio,
        Am I correct in presuming that if you thouroughly understand the topics, without real hands on experience, you make a good chance in passing the exams ?

        good luck in your private and professional life !


        • Claudio Bernasconi

          You should have written a bunch of code. But yes, it won’t matter if it was production or training code. I think it doesn’t matter how you’ve learnt that stuff, it is important that you know the stuff.

    • Steven

      Hi Raf,

      Yes my exam is in Kortrijk on 6 june, yours too I’m guessing? :-)

      Mine is at 9.15 in the morning..

      If you want to share thoughts about preparation, feel free to drop me a mail! (


  • Gandhali

    Thanks Claudio ! All I did was went thru every link in the post and I passed the exam. Do you have any similar Info for 70-484?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Gandhali

      Thank you for your comment and congratulation to you for your passed exam. Due to several projects (e.g. learning for university) I was not able to prepare myself to the next exam up to now. But I’ll try to do it in a few weeks. So be sure to revisit my blog/subscribe to my rss feed and be the first to know about it, when it’s released.

  • Jerry Schremp

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the following book is now available from Wrox: “MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483 Programming in C#)”. Here is a link to this book on;

  • Steven

    Took the exam this morning and passed with 0 errors, was quite amazed :-)

    Thanks for the excellent links, it greatly helped in getting the certification!


    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Steven

      I am very pleased to hear, that you managed to pass the exam with such an outstanding score by using the guide above.

  • Pragya Sharma

    Hello Claudio,
    I am planning to take this exam ( EXAM 70-483 ) on this month 22 june is scheduled. I have work experience of 2 years in C# .Net development. I want to ask that ,
    1. Which study material can be used to study because the book you have mentioned above is out of stock on all the online stores even i have tried at my local bookshops also.
    2.Can you please tell me any alternative for that book.
    I am trying to cover topics by googling the topics mentioned in skills measured section & coding them making dummy applications. But is there exists any systematic book which i can use for preparation.
    i have studied Manning in C# in depth completely. But it does not containing many topics.

    – Pragya Sharma
    Software Engineer

  • Andy

    How much time does it take to actually prepare for the 70-483 exam if i start from level zero?
    what are the resources required to prepare for the exam?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      You should have at least some basic understanding of the C# programming language. If you aren’t familiar with C# or OOP you should first do some work with it to get some experience.

      After that you can start using the link list above to dive deep into several topics you’re interested in.

      But keep in mind that if you really start from zero, you shouldn’t expect to reach the required level in a few weeks or months. Keep training and go for it if you feel comfortable with the technology you use.

  • andy

    What books did u refer for studying?Can u please provide some names?
    What type of industries can i get a job after doing this certification?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      I don’t think that you’ll be able to find a job only by passing this certification. There are many other skills required to do a professional software developer job.

  • zara

    I am going to give the 70-483 exam.
    Want some time on the exam and how to go ahead with the topics.
    can u also provide ur email id so that i can contact u when i have any questions

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Zara

      I’ll provide you with an ‘Ask a question’ form on this blog, as soon as possible. Please make sure to check the blog on a regular base. Thank you.

  • Randal

    Hi, is it possible to pass the exam by self-study alone? I mean, why are there online and class trainings which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars if this is passable by just self studying? Thanks.

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Randal

      Yes it is possible. I did it like that in only a few weeks of study. If you really work with the technologies explained above and covered by the exam, you’ll not have to study very much, because you have some hands-on experience with that technology.

      If you’re only interested in the title/certification I believe it is difficult and therefore there are classes which have the goal to teach you what is nessessary to pass the exam. Keep in mind, that these guys are also hungry and want to make some money.

      So in conclusion it is best to prepare yourself and there are many guys out there which have done it this way. For a more ‘famous’ example take a look here: I am pretty sure that she managed to get all of her 9 Microsoft certifications without attending any classes.

      • Randal

        Thanks for your nice reply. I just don’t know what to expect on the examination. I been “playing” with C# and .NET for around 4 years already but no real work experience with it as my job is java based. I want to switch to .NET so badly. This post will help a lot.

        Is there a free sample test I can try just to know what kind of questions to expect? Thanks a lot.

        • Randal

          Also, with the introduction of Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1, will the test be deprecated by newer sets of exams? Thanks

  • Claudio Bernasconi

    Hi Randal

    I don’t know if the exam will be deprecated, but I don’t think so. I doesn’t make any sense because the certfication started in August 2012 and is very new. .NET 4.5.1 doesn’t bring (m)any new features. And Visual Studio is not part of the certification. It is all about coding.

    Go for the test. There are no serious training exams available.

  • Ravi

    there are 3 exams or 2 in every microsoft certification, suppose, microsoft visual studio expert certification has 2 steps, 480(html5) and 483(c#), if write only 483 exam, what will i get after the exam?????

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      The official title is “Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Programming in C#”.

      If you want to be a “Microsoft Certified Solution Developer” you need to pass three exams from the same series.

  • Mohan

    Hi Claudio :)
    1. Is there any time limit between exam 70-483(c#) and next exam 70-484?
    (if I pass first exam then when should I attempt next one)
    2. What are the differences between MCTS and MCSD certifications?
    3. Whether I have to write the exam only one’s or renewal is required?
    4. If I write exam 70-483(assume I passed) and didn’t wrote next exam for long duration then what?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      1. As far as I know there is no time limit.
      2. MCTS consists of only one certification exams whereas MCSD is a series of (at least) three certification exams. Further information should be directly extracted from the MS page.
      3. According to the MS website you should renew it sometimes. But to be honest: In my opinion the industry decides which certifications are accepted and which are classified as too old.
      4. Then you are a Programming in C# Specialist. Nothing more or less will happen to you (I hope ;-)).

      Hope this helps.

      • Mohan

        Thank you Claudio.


    I have a question about 70-483.
    It says ” This exam is intended for developers with one or more years of experience programming the essential business/application logic for a variety of application types and hardware/software platforms using C#”

    Do I have to prove about my experience on test site?
    Because I am a student, I don’t have any experience now.

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      It is not required to prove any experience other than completing and passing the exam. This sentence on the Microsoft web page is only a recommendation. If you have used C# in your studies it’s okay.

      Hope to help.

  • Randal

    Passed the exam yesterday. When can I get my certificate and access to microsoft member site? Thanks again.

    • A.D.

      Can you tell how many question were you asked? Thanks in advance.

  • Maruis Welby

    I think saying you have to “write code” is a little misleading, you have to sometimes “drag & drop” from some lines of code presented to you in the correct order on some test questions. You aren’t ever handwriting code during the exam.

  • Oscar

    Hello, Does the 70-483 certificate have an expiration date?
    I am not interested in the MCSD certification, I just want to take the C# exam.

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      I am not sure whether it expires or not. Please check the official website. To be honest, I haven’t found it there. Otherwise I would have written it here in the comment.
      My personal opinion is that Microsoft should not declare that a specific certification has expired. If you show the certification to a potential employer I believe he will decide for his own if the certification is too old or not.

  • A.D.

    I took the C# 70-483 test on Oct 31, 2013, and I failed. I am an experienced developer and I used most of the topics covered in practice. I thought I prepared well. I passed a Microsoft Certificate Vendor’s practice tests many times with perfect score. In those practice test there were 40 questions and the duration was 2 hours. I was able to complete those tests within 40-50 minutes.
    In actual test, to my shock there were exactly 71 questions and the time was 2 hours. Most questions were quite lengthy. Seems to me that there is no standard in terms of number and difficulty of questions. So don’t get surprised if you are asked 100 questions.

    • Erin

      What materials you used to study for this test, may I ask? Thank you!

  • Ryan

    What materials can we bring in to the exam? Laptop with Visual studio?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      During the registration process you’ll be told that you are not able to bring anything with you. The only thing you can take with you is a white paper and a pen which you will receive directly before doing the exam at the exam center.

  • k R Prasad

    Hi claudio
    I have registered for MCSD 70-483 exam,and exam is on 12th ,
    can u tell me the pattern of the question’s,plz
    iam little tensed about the exam .

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      According to the official documentation there are drag and drop questions, multiple choice and single choice. You don’t have to actually write code, because this cannot be evaluated automatically.

      This is everything I can tell you about it. Don’t be afraid of the questions. It won’t be that hard if you actually know the content of the certification. Good luck! Let me know about the result.

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  • Kaamran Khan

    Really it is very helpful,could you tell me in this exam(70-483) how many questions is there and how much time duration this exam have

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      The duration is subject to change. You should be able to get a number while registering for the exam at Prometrics.

      The question count is individual for every candidate. You should expect to get at least 40 questions and not more than 80. It depends on the “lenght” of the questions chosen for you.

      Don’t think too much about the exam itself. Just make sure you are well prepared. Then go for the exam. Remember, it is always an uncomfortable feeling doing something for the first time.

  • Ilya

    Thanks from Russia! :)

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      You’re welcome.

  • karthik

    Claudio Bernasconi
    Hello may i know the grade percentage for the 70-483 (C#) examination

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      To pass the exam you’ll be required to get at least 70% of the points.

  • Nicolas

    Hello from France and thanks to you.

    It will help me to prepare this exam.

    Do you think it’s possible to work on Windows 7 instead of Windows 8?

    I have visual studio 2012 on windows 7 but is Windows 8 mandatory?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      If you want to develop Apps it is required to have Windows 8 installed. If you plan only to do this certification exam, there is no problem using Windows 7. Good luck!

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Suggest me some books and materials Claudio….i am interested in MCSD certification..and when shall we take the exam…is there any particular time period to take the exam?
    And what is the exam fee?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Please read the blog post above. You can register for your exam via Prometrics. The prices depend on your location. As stated in the blog post you could buy this book: or prepare on your own with the links provided by my post above.

      • Rajesh Kumar

        Thanks Claudio…..will post u if i have any doubt in future..:-)

  • Guest

    Hello Claudio, I’m Dilson Manjenje from Angola(Africa)

    text above is great, very helpful.

    using C# for almost 2 year, I was preparing for the MTA Developers exam, when
    someone told me about MS 70-483, so now I’m preparing myself for the 70-483

    reading the book “Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework” and I
    already did the Course 10266A: Programming in C# with VS2010
    (, I also have
    the “Exam Ref 70-483: Programming In C#” books, but I’m not confident
    enough if only this book can prepare for the exam.

    here is the question:

    book “Pro C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5 Framework” and 10266A course are enough
    to prepare for the 70-483 exam?

    a lot,

  • Dilson

    Hello Claudio, I’m Dilson Manjenje from Angola(Africa)

    The text is great, very helpful.

    I using C# for almost 2 year, I was preparing for the MTA Developers exam, when someone told me about MS 70-483, so now I’m preparing myself for the 70-483 exam.

    I’m reading the book “Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework” and I already did the Course 10266A: Programming in C# with VS2010 (, I also have the “Exam Ref 70-483: Programming In C#” books, but I’m not confident enough if only this book can prepare for the exam.

    So here is the question:
    The book “Pro C# 5.0 and .NET 4.5 Framework” and 10266A course are enough to prepare for the 70-483 exam?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Dilson

      As I answered on another question in the comments, I think that books can’t replace real experience. As you told that you work with C# on a regular basis for at least 2 years I expect that you should pass the exam. It is not an expert certification exam. It just requires real experience on the topic. In your case that should be sufficient.

      As I wrote I prepared myself without any book, because at the time I took this certification (meanwhile nearly 18 months ago) there was no book published yet. So I expect a book and a course combined with a real work experience of 2 years should be enough to pass the exam.

      I hope I helped you and motivated you to take the exam. I would be very interested in your exam results as a further feedback.

      • Dilson

        Thanks for the help Claudio
        Once again nice blog

  • Dotnet Dotnetsql

    Found a site ( that offers tons of practice exams for multiple subjects. They offer practice exams for almost anything possible. Check it out.

    Checking out this site and looks interesting…a lot of different Exams TI.

  • akanksha jain

    hello claudio, I’m Akanksha Jain from(India)
    I am preparing for MS 70-483, I am a beginner in c#.
    Can you guide me when should i give the exam and which books apart from above I should refer?

  • Pagna Kong

    Hello Claudio, I’m Pagna Kong. I’m from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I’m a beginner to C# and I mean to take the exam. I read the exam description and it said like:”this certificate is for those programmer who want to update their status.” But it doesn’t matter for me. But I have a question. Is the certificate represent the MS programmer expert? With only that single certificate can I go abroad to work in a company and earn money?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Hi Pagna. I don’t know anything about the regulations in your country. Therefore I cannot tell you if you can work abroad with this certification or not. Remember: This certificate does not state that you have studied a specific field like computer science. If you want to start a professional carrer I highly recommend learning by doing and going to an university. I’m sorry, that I cannot help you any further. For your self it might be a good starting point to do this certification to find out how easily or how difficult learning is for you.

      • Pagna Kong

        Hello Claudio. I thank you for your advice. I’m recently a university student and I decide to chose C# as my programming language since it’s the top 4. I find it easy to learn, easier than Java and it’s more practical than the other language. Frankly(as I knew), Cambodian’s bachelor degree is not recognized in the other country even you’re the top student because I have a friend who is really good at programming. He always be the top scorer in the class and then he moves to the States then I mean to continue his education there. But unfortunately, he has to start all over again. Now he’s at grade 12. That’s why I mean to take the exam. By what you said,it means we cannot find a job with that certificate(70-483)? Nor internship? Because I mean to take this certificate as proof when I go to France to do the internship. Could you kindly recommend me what to do to became a better programmer? Self-practice? Book(Free, because I cannot afford to buy an expensive one. Sorry)?

        • Claudio Bernasconi

          Since I’ve never worked anywhere else than in Switzerland I cannot help you any further. What I can suggest you is to learn from free resouces on the Internet. I am pretty sure there are enough resouces which are completely free of charge.

          Start using the resources linked in my blog post above and you’ll finde many great sites full of content helping you to reach your goal.

          • Pagna Kong

            I appreciated you help. Thank you.

  • Chaitu

    Hi Claudio,
    I am Chaitu from India. Firstly, I would like to thank you for this website. I have been working as a .net Application Developer since an year. I just want to make sure that whether going for 70- 483( Programming in C#) helps my career or not. Could you please guide me.

  • shilpa

    please let me know as a starter which exam would be best for me to give. I have been asked to give any Microsoft exam by my company to get my joining. but since I am a fresher, I have no clue about the certification. Please help me out

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Seems like you’re interested in programming in C#. Otherwise I wonder why you comment on this article. This exam seems to be a good fit for a start with enough experience. I cannot give a general advise, since I don’t know about you and what you did in the past.

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  • Markus Endres

    Thank you for the article. It helped me to prepare and pass the exam.

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      Thank you Markus for your feedback. Glad it helped you out. Are you going to prepare for the other 2 parts of the MCSD or do you stick with 70-483 as I did?

      • Markus Endres

        For now I will stick with 70-483. Maybe later I will go for the other two certifications needed for MCSD.

        • Mihail Georgescu

          Actually you only need to pass one exam to get the MCSD. If you pass 70-483 you get the MCSD.

  • Conrado Moura

    Great article.
    Do u know where I can find a simulated exam?

    • Claudio Bernasconi

      There are no official “simulated exam” resources. There are often leaked questions out there, but I would prepare according to my article and learn the stuff. You never know which questions will be at the final exam. In addition, your certificate is only worth something, if you can deliver what the certification promises. Hope to help.

  • Aisha Ajaz

    Thanks it is really helpful and Congratulation for getting certification